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Commercial Airport Cleaning Services

At Pondsco, we take security training serious. Our employees are trained on the severity of badging protocols and secure-site guidelines. Pondsco cleans your secure or non-secure areas, working around the necessary and unique schedule that an airport brings.

Pondsco understands  the importance of having airline cleaning service experience and training that is developed especially for hanger locations and executive airports. Facilities outside the normal airport apron, make the cleaning schedules challenging at times due to the operational hours of that facility. Pondsco has experience with these types of locations and works with facility representatives to schedule tasks properly. We work around the unique hours and security protocols to keep your buildings clean.

If the aviation facility requires a specialized type of cleaning, such as high dusting, floorcare, gate area cleaning, ramp cleaning, or jet bridge cleaning, Pondsco is prepared. Understanding the way an airport operates and deploying the requisite personnel to accomplish the cleaning is what we do best!

Aviation Facilities We Service

Secure Terminals

Non-Secure Terminals

Executive Terminals


Public Office Buildings

Non-Public Office Buildings

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Experienced Staff

Trained and experienced staff ready to help you succeed.

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Environmental Approved Products

We only use environmentally approved cleaning products in our process. All of our cleaning chemicals are non-toxic.

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All employees are trained in proper commercial cleaning techniques.

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Best Equipment

We use the most updated equipment for the cleaning process.

Passenger airplane on maintenance of engine, fuselage and on auxiliary power unit. check repair in airport hangar. Aircraft view tail, with open luggage compartment

Airport Hangers

Airport hangers are a unique facility to keep clean and maintained. The operating hours and busy schedules of the airline mechanics and staff present significant challenges that must be overcome to effectively maintain the facility. Pondsco has experience in complicated environments such as these. It takes proactive communication at all levels to be successful in airport hangers.

Airline Terminals

Terminal cleaning requires a team of dedicated workers with experience working in fast-paced environments. It is imperative to have trained staff that work in tandem to accomplish one goal. Airport terminals require many roles to maintain at a high standard; restroom attendants, porters, waste removal, floor care, and more. Security protocols and safety are of utmost importance with airport terminals. At Pondsco, we work in secured locations, and we understand what is required.

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