Industries We Serve

Pondsco is a commercial janitorial services provider across various industries including business offices, retail, industrial plants, aviation, & education facilities.

Pondsco Facility Services delivers the highest level of commercial cleaning and building maintenance services to commercial properties, airports, and industrial facilities. Pondsco customizes services and programs to fit the needs of every industry, providing healthy facility cleaning, quality employee training, and professional managerial oversight at each facility.

Pondsco has many years of service within multiple environments across the United States. We adjust our training to the facility type. Our employees receive specific training that pertains directly to their environment and scope of work.


We Provide Tailored Cleaning Programs for All Industries

Business Offices

Pondsco provides cleaning services for commercial office buildings, corporate complexes, commercial office spaces, and mixed-use developments. Pondsco is a top-tier commercial cleaning company that offers a wide range of services including general office cleaning, carpet cleaning, hard floor care, and other specialized services.


Pondsco works with many different types of industrial partners. We understand the importance of employee safety and facility knowledge. Working in industrial and manufacturing facilities requires attention to detail with safety rules and protocols. Industrial facilities require a unique partner that comprehends the magnitude of these buildings.


Whether it is an enclosed center, an open-air center, or a mixture of both, Pondsco is well-versed in the janitorial and building tasks required to service these properties. Enjoying a strong presence in multiple regions allows us to uphold service standards when different weather patterns and market-specific challenges arise.


Pondsco understands the importance of having airline cleaning service knowledge and training that is developed especially for hanger locations and executive airports. Pondsco cleans secure or non-secure areas, working around the necessary and unique schedules that an airport brings.


Pondsco has been successfully servicing universities and higher education campuses for years. We understand the specific needs and requirements to clean and maintain a facility with occupants around the clock. Our employees are trained and equipped to clean the labs and classrooms these facilities require.

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